We zoom with Dan Murphy from All Good Things this week on the podcast in preparation for this week's show at the L&C. We also talk more fishing, m...View Details

Aww Hell’s Belles!

Drought in Montana, fishing over the Fourth, more bear attacks, Hell's Belles, how to land a fish on a fly rod, and TMDC says goodbye to Ron from New ...View Details

For The Glory!

California guides, client etiquette, fishing, and we are lobbying to get Dan Murphy from All Good Things on the podcast. PLEASE RATE THE SHOW! 

Free Britney!

Need I say more?

Balls to the Wall

Early fire season, busy, busy, busy...so you want to hunt? 


Just two Packers fans talking Rodgers...we also talk other sports, fishing reports, Hamms updates, and good beer. Oh yeah, join us for discussing the ...View Details

Talking morels, Hamms beer, flying squirrels, paying tribute to those who brought us the blues, how to pick the right fly, and lots of other things.

Talking The Blues

Full disclosure...I may have had a few beers on the golf course before recording this so be prepared...Scott and I are talking blues music today, what...View Details

Update on Scott's boat, fishing reports, and we address the Fonz getting ripped on social media. 

Scott tries to get Russ in trouble with the shops, hot flies, beer, record book walleyes and more. Also get the latest update from Scott's boat perils...View Details

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