The Good Neighbor

Rifle season starts for big game this weekend, first duck hunt, bad neighbors, open mics, beer, blackened elk steaks, and things that give Russ Touret...View Details

Beat Your Meat

More crispy guide stories, updates on the Fort Annex, antelope hunting, and how you should handle your meat. 

He may have deserved it...just sayin. That and many other stories from this season as well as tackling conservation on the Missouri and protecting our...View Details

I shoot a bull, Scott goes shopping for a new bull, chicks fish and much more.

Hitting the Wall

My day on the water with ex-football player Kwame Harris, looking forward to a week off, food prep for camp, and more!

Afternoon Delight

Scott talks about his opening day elk hunt; the highs and lows of archery hunting, Russ does stand-up, the fishing sucks in September and our Super Bo...View Details

Debate over cover scents, the P-Daddy Cray, another song from me, and the pounds are shedding off. Also beer, tenkara, spey casting and a bunch of oth...View Details

Guide stories, (I may be risking my career,) elk calling, tires, and beer! Also a tribute to the Stones and Tom T. Hall.

I apologize for the sound quality but if you can through it, there's some funny stuff going on. Who would you like to be if you were clubbing it? Arch...View Details

Ever want to pick huckleberries? Also talk about hunting gear and share some original music from the archives. And always, beef of the week and beer. ...View Details

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