Olympics, Confederate flags, coyote hunting, beer...what more can you ask for? Tips on fly fishing gear? We did that too! And as a special bonus, we d...View Details

Poop Stories–No Joke

You want to know why dogs roll in crap? We'll tell you. That and the latest on CWD in Montana, Snotel reports, the Super Bowl halftime show, and even ...View Details

Scott and I talk about fly fishing films, tips on making snack sticks, twitter wars, Beef of the Week, Super Bowl prep and much, much, more! Stay 'til...View Details

Goodnight Daisy Mae

Jill and I had to do one of the hardest things a dog-owner can do this week. Goodbye Daisy. We love you. Listen in as Scott and I talk about what goes...View Details

Another rock legend goes down as we give tribute to Delores O'riordan. We also talk beer, working out, shooting geese, perch fishing and everything Mo...View Details

On this week's, The Montana Dream Cast, Dan Troupe get's arrested for fighting two cops, John Winders "allegedly" stabs a guy--sounds about right. Sco...View Details

I didn't edit this podcast because I think it's more meaningful hearing it as we discuss these topics in real time. Some of it is fun. Some of it is j...View Details

Yes, it's Scott's birthday this Tuesday so we're doing the podcast Sunday night after the Packer's loss. It may be a somber mood but we're still havin...View Details

Politicians Fly Fishing?

Do any of the politicians out here in Montana really fly fish or are they just pandering? We'll discuss that on this week's The Montana Dream Cast. We...View Details

Scott and I talk duck hunting, football and the recent discovery of walleye in Swan Lake. Big reward offered for folks with information on how those w...View Details

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